Empowerment Coach, Speaker, Compassion Cultivator + Wellness Advocate, Gary te Roller chats with today's innovators and change-makers of the health, wellness, sustainability and compassion movement. Discovering and learning from the worlds best!! As a plant-based ultra endurance athlete, yogi and all round fan of love, he is inspiring many people through his experience strength and hope.

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    #49 Dalalid - "Be Different. Be You"

    Dalal Al Doub is one of the most prominent names and faces in the Middle East for fashion beauty. With over 2 million followers on Instagram and 650 000 YouTube subscribers, Dalal sure has a massive influence on the world. With her message of compassion, I can only foresee beautiful things happening with her opening up the first CLEAN vegan restaurant in Kuwait... Vterra

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    #46 Ghanim Al-Sulaiti - 26YO Qatari Bringing Veganism to the Middle East

    This week on The Gary te Roller Show, I chat to Ghanim AlSulaiti. Founder of Evergreen Organic, Vibe Asia, Botany, Paper Cut Qatar and Good Vibe Foundation.

    We chat about how he believes in giving back to the community is a need in today's entrepreneurial world. As well as bringing veganism and sustainability into the heart of The Middle East through vegan cafe's, a vegan skincare range and sustainable packaging factory.

    What this space. This young change-maker is literally changing the world for the better every single day

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    #45 Josh Ryan - 19YO Kiwi Social Media Guru

    Founder of Cleverpreneur and the Instagram famous account @millionaire.dream, this 19 year old kiwi is changing the way brands and coaches are using and interacting on social media. Having gained millions of followers on social media in the past few years and working with many high-level brands. Josh is the perfect person to help strategies and help you grow on Social Media.

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    #44 EMPOWERING YOU - How to gain Personal Freedom

    EMPOWERING YOU - Personal Freedom

    In the 'Empowering You' Series, I will be sharing my empowerment and motivational videos from YouTube with my Podcast crew every other week

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    #43 Partners In Kind Ep 2 - Compassion, Vegan Food + More Love

    In this episode Claire and I chat about how there is no wrong or right and only compassion. We go deep into the ugliness of comparing and how competing takes you away from awareness and mindfulness.

    We touch on vegan food, how contract opening up a vegan restaurant in Kuwait and eating disorders

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    #41 Spency Ray - Sound Healing, Manifestations + Life Energies

    These two beautiful souls are behind the collaboration of SpencyRay. Through music and sounds, they heal the body and allow energies to dance together. In this episode, we understand the importance of the body's vibration and how manifestation occurs and works in real life.

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